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Prices in USD per person
Total number of travelers
2 3-4 10
Vinter’s Dacha Hotel
Stansard room
21000 18750 16900
Townhouse 37200 34950 34100
Cottage 57100 54850 54000

Tour schedule

1. Day. Meeting at the railway station Petrozavodsk (other places on request)
Arrival at the hotel "Vinter’s Dacha" accommodation. Surrounded by descending to the Ladoga pine forest, this hotel embodies all that we expect from a perfect holiday. The pristine splendor of nature. The rich history of the facts. Capital comfort level. To sit on the shore of Lake Ladoga with a fishing rod, to collect a basket full of mushrooms and berries, to taste pure spring water, listening to folk songs, to try the local cuisine, experience the scents of pine forest and silence - at the Park Hotel " Vinter’s Dacha " dreams come true on the perfect vacation.
2. Day. Excursion to Ruskeala Marble Canyon, Russian sauna on a raft at the hotel.
Mountain Park "Ruskeala" - the only monument of the complex nature and the history of mining in Russia and Finland. Canyon, surrounded by marble walls, attracts absolutely all year. Then visit the underground lake - a giant rock formations opilennyh with an amazing pattern of the stone. Evening Russian bath on a raft in the hotel.
3. Day. Excursion to Valaam.
Valaam is the largest island of the natural park "Valaam’s Archipelago" in the north of Lake Ladoga. Here is the main monument of Russian architecture - Valaam male monastery. North bulwark of Orthodoxy attracts those who’s looking for a rest from human vanity and sees in the northern nature higher the meaning and a special purpose.
4. Day. Free day.
5. Day. Departure.
Transfer to the railway station. (Other places on request). Wait for you again!
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